Boston - Patriots shut down practice after new positive COVID test; Broncos game moved, per report


Continues to cause problems for the NFL. Here's a bee sees Ellyn Lopez. The New England Patriots training facility shut down for the third time in just 10. Days after another player tested positive. Monday night's matchup against the Broncos postponed Bill Bella say the Patriots go said he's going hour by hour, day by day. That's really the way the NFL and the NFL Players Association took this. The Patriots already forced to push back the game last week with star quarterback Cam Newton among those contracting the virus. Other teams also influx the gates at the Tennessee Titans facility locked again. Listen, 24 hours after reopening following a coach's positive test. The league now sending a warning to coaches for not wearing masks. Failure to comply could result in 15 yard penalties. Earlier in the season, four coaches were hits with $100,000 fines. These covert case is a true setback for some teams that just five weeks into the season, the leak forced to reschedule roughly 15 games. Already, NASA at

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