Post Malone wins big at the Billboard Music Awards


Awards of wrapped up post. Malone came into the show, the biggest nominee, and he leaves the biggest winner he took home the top artist prize. To end the night He won nine awards. You guys Is that incredible? Wow, that's a lot. Thank you, Steve. Okay, um They performed like a button undisclosed secret location. All right. Know what I saw? He was very, You know, he's a really sweet guy. Okay? He won top artist. Let's see what else he won. Hey, one Top male artist. He won top billboard 200 artist top hot 100 artist. Cops streaming songs. Artist. Wow, that is incredible. Oh post E congratulations. Top rap artist. Wow. I didn't know he won top rump artists. Hey one top rap male artist top rap tour. Just all the awards. You get the idea. Do you want to hear a little bit of his speech would be nice. Let me count here. Hold on 16th from top. It's and it's like 56 seconds long. He's just so sweet. And this was the award for top male artist that he won, and he's basically talking to an empty auditorium. Which you know has to be really hard. Sure, weird, if nothing else, Yeah. Oh, for sure, And just being like, especially if you're going to try to make a joke. Although you could argue it's great. You don't have to worry. Did it land that it not There's no reaction, right? You just assume everybody left time for everybody and And I just focus. I want to focus on Spreading love and just just doing everybody's best because I know it's weird, and it's so bizarre to see nobody in the in the audience here in the But, you know, I want to thank everybody at home. I want to thank all my fans. I want to thank my beautiful mother. I want to think. My very handsome father. I want to thank my very beautiful step Mom, Jodi and I want to thank my whole family and everybody And I'm not a man of many words. As you know, Last time. I think I accepted an award. I said I love grapes. And I would like Tio just Ah, accentuate that statement because I still do. And I very much to thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, stay strong. And To spread love. Everywhere you go. Oh, I could see you dating post Malone. Oh, totally. Yeah. The faced out what you'd stop seeing that quick. Oh, yeah, For sure. However, he and you have a lot in common. In what way? Thank I'd liketo. Thank you. Don't even hear it like Tio Lank. Thank you, Maam. I very handsome father. Thank you, Dad. Very cute. Thank you. I just seems like a cool, dude. Okay,

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