Hollywood Commission finds women twice as likely to report bullying in workplace than men


The latest in a Syriza's studies about the workplace in Hollywood find it is full of bullies and filled with power imbalances. NPR's Mandalay del Barco has more The Hollywood Commission, chaired by Anita Hill, surveyed nearly 10,000 people working in the entertainment industry about intimidating or humiliating workplace behaviors such as insults. Sarcasm is gestures, yelling, swearing, harsh criticism and physical aggression. One person reported. Quote bullies run rampant and go unchecked and don't get treatment. Women in the survey were twice as likely as men to report abusive conduct workers younger than 40, disabled workers and non union workers. So they have it bad. So do assistance to writers, rooms and executives. A Hollywood commission says it's now training directors, producers, showrunners, casting directors and others to manage bullying mandolin del Barco NPR NEWS, The

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