Youths Shouldn't Be Tried As Adults, Study Says


New report puts the weight behind arguments that young adult should not be prosecuted in Adult Court in Illinois. The findings from the juvenile law center say youth incarceration rates have fallen in recent years as officials recognized the developmental differences between adolescents and adults. But incarceration rates have declined among young adults ages eighteen to twenty four. Reward Co author Katrina Good. Joint explains. Members of this age group are treated legally as adults despite sharing some adolescent behaviors. A have poor decision making impulsive there -ceptable that peer pressure and they're engaging in risky behavior. When we talk about raising the age, we talk about better ways to be more forgiving and supportive of emerging adults rather than punitive report calls for raising the age of eighteen for juvenile. Court. In Illinois emerging adults are represented in the justice system accounting for fifteen percent of the adult population. They also account for thirty three percent of all adult arrests despite a forty seven percent decrease and the number of arrests for this age group in the past decade.

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