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Emboldened and everyone was so down on Trump that they said We don't care. What do you do? Sue is any did and one going cared because they made so much more money because no one cared. They just wanted to know salacious by the president. And so in the olden days before all the stormy Daniels stuff in the other Playboy Lady If you had a non disclosure agreement, that was that meant something. You better not say anything or you're going to get in trouble. But that was just one of those where they just openly said We're not going to follow it. We don't care. Wow. Wow. Sorry. I don't want to spend a lot of time on this. His. You know this is the future. We're not going to do well on the future too much, but I do want to know who is going to get better ratings. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are holding dueling town halls tomorrow night one on ABC one on NBC. Who's Who's getting

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