North Carolina voters unmoved by Dem Senate hopeful’s sex scandal


Weeks from today Americans will not just decide who they want the White House, but the balance of power the Senate as well On. Congressional races in down ballot races in the US Senate thirty-five seats up this year twenty three held by Republicans, Twelve Democrats, and pulling analysis site fivethirtyeight. Now, project Democrats are slightly favored to take over that chamber, but it's close we've been falling day by day and expanding battleground map of states that now have genuinely competitive Senate races one of those races where the pulling seem pretty good for Democrats early on with North Carolina. That's where incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis is facing a challenge from former state senator and. Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran cal Cunningham and back in the beginning of September cutting performing pretty well point ahead of us in the monmouth university poll which left a lot of people thinking wow, this could happen. Could this be a democratic Senate pickup and then a week and a half ago that also seemed to be up ended on October Second Tillis his campaign confirmed the senator tested positive for corona virus, and later that very same day text messages surfaced between cal Cunningham and a woman who is not his wife. After about a week of pretty brutal extramarital relationship accusations started look like I don't know maybe Democrats were counting their chickens a little too early in the north. Carolina Senate race but that new bullying came out and guess what the whole thing seems to have helped. Cal. Cunningham. In a Monmouth University poll just released today cutting lead over Senator Thom Tillis is actually expanded. He's now by four points whereas he was only by one September.

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