Fauci says he didn't give permission to be used in Trump campaign ad


A new trump campaign ad, where the White House Corona virus Task Force member, Dr Anthony Fauci appears to endorse the president, President Trump tackled the virus head on. Leaders that anybody could be doing doctor found in a statement Sunday, saying in his nearly five decades of public service, he's never publicly endorsed any political candidate and that his comments, which were used without his permission were taken out of context. The White House says. These are Dr Fauci is own words. The video is from a nationally broadcast television interview and which doctor Falke was praising the work of the Trump administration. Plus president. Trump recently praised his covert 19 experimental treatment that involved Monoclonal antibodies. Entrepreneur Bill Gates shares his take with NBC's Meet the press. The word cure is inappropriate because it won't work for everyone. But yes, of all the therapeutics. This's the most promising the Gates Foundation has committed over $350 million to support the fight against Cove it President Trump has said vaccines are in the works and coming

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