Trailing in the Polls and Time Running Out, Trump Looks for One More Comeback


From his first day in office Donald Trump has been the shock-and-awe president, but it's possible with three weeks until election day that Mr trump has lost his ability to shock and awe us and with his poll numbers slipping what we've seen in the past week has been especially Trumpian. Even for president trump he told Americans not to let the coronavirus dominate their lives after he received access to treatments most Americans still can't get claim. There's now a cure for cova lengthy appearance on rush limbaugh's radio show appeared on another show for a so called virtual medical exam with a friendly Fox doctor in another city urged his attorney general to indict Joe Biden and President Obama successfully pressured secretary of State. Mike. POMPEO to agree to release Hillary. Clinton. Emails pulled out of covid relief talks then pulled back in and pulled out of the next debate then begged back in then it was canceled. Are we shocked are we odd or we shrugging our shoulders and shaking our heads? The flurry of activity is help to put the president in political peril in five battleground states two fivethirtyeight pulling average Joe Biden at fifty percent or higher. That includes Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania. The three states that put Mr Trump over the top in two, thousand sixteen, and when you look at the other swing states, Biden is leading and everyone but Texas, and it's remarkable that we're even talking about Texas meaning that in one thousand, nine, hundred, Reagan landslide is not totally out of the question. Even now with the president cleared by his doctor to return to campaigning his sinking poll numbers have made fellow Republicans nervous about their own prospects in. November. I'm feeling great I don't know about your president trump trailing in the polls and increasingly erratic spoke to hundreds at the White House on Saturday his first public event. Since being hospitalized, we're starting very, very big with rallies still reeling from his faltering debate performance isolated in the White House. The president spent the week minimizing the virus. Don't let it dominate. You don't be afraid of it I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it. I'm telling you we have a cure more than just a therapeutic. We have a cure, any thirty, six, our conservative media blitz Mr Trump spent two hours on the phone with rush limbaugh? Tear. Me When I was coming down the the escalated, a beautiful golden escalators and take what was billed as an on camera medical examination with a Fox News contributor I've been retested and I know I'm at either the bottom of the scale free on Friday the president's top infectious disease expert. Lame. The Rose Garden ceremony two weeks ago for the White House outbreak, we had a super spreader. Event in the White House and it was in a situation. Where people were crowded together. We're not wearing masks at what point do you think you contracted it looking back? I don't know the they had some big events at the White House and Perhaps there. But this week, the president appeared to blame his infection on gold star military family they come within an inch, my face sometimes they wanna hug me and they wanna kiss me. Than they do and frankly. I'm not telling them. Back up as poll numbers drop, the president is searching for a political weapon publicly pressuring the Justice Department to Prosecute Democrats unless bill bar dates these people for crimes that the greatest political crime in the history of our country. Then we're going get little satisfaction unless I win and lashing out at Senator Comma Heron. Let's just monster that was on stage with Mike Pence Senate Republicans hoping to change the subject see Supreme Court nomination hearings this week as their only possible lifeline I'm going to lead the charge to confirm Judge Amy Barrett the court but Republicans. Worry. The Senate majority is at risk Senator John Cornyn told the Houston Chronicle this week that trump let his guard down and got out over his skis by playing down the virus threat

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