The greatness of Rafael Nadal


We talk about tennis. She was about this final and put it on pitting off having to actually summer. The achievement of rough on the dull winning thirteen, French Open, and winning this French. Open in particular and doing it in the way that he did because. It. So astonishing I'm struggling to process. Frankly, yes. Apologies in advance for hyperbole and use of superlatives, but if you can't use them now when rough on the is now hundred and two girls and has won his thirteenth title when when can use MS utter the extraordinary? What is the chief today, and of course, this is an achievement that is actually fifteen sixteen years in the making it is it is unbelievable. Walk Needle is able to do both in tennis number one, but also just at this tournament, one of his best ever career performances David today. I would say so this was Up there with what he did to federal in two, thousand eight when federal and a handful of games arguably even better I think because federal struggled that day I think the conditions were less suited to today on paper at least I would have thought compared to a high bouncing day in June, and of course, he's you know he's twelve years older I mean, let's not forget. He's thirty four that's that shouldn't be. Put. To one side because you know he's got a lot of miles in those legs lot of kilometers and it's it's just mind boggling that he can physically do it for star I think it bore a lot of similarities to what Jackovitch did to him in the Australian Open file of twenty months ago, which was Jock itch referenced in Oh Sorry Nadal referenced in his post match comments it had that same feel inasmuch as when we were discussing this yesterday and we were building up to it all week long the one eventuality are could not see is one of these destroying the other one that's just could not see I mean, which is again just another example of how good predictions I am. But it was. A performance that I wasn't expecting of that level and that that feels unfetter I found the down after what he's done over the last twelve years but. He lifted himself to a level. We certainly haven't seen at this tournament. And it was this fortnight anyway it wasn't. It wasn't just. Fortunate needlework open happen to be having Berlin day today is it wasn't just what one of these things the way the cookie crumbles he change things in his approach today he was an I believe the stats ended up bearing this out in terms of name body was quitting. On your coverage David about the net clearance on his kind being significantly. Lower today than in previous matches indicating how much more aggressive he was being on that I mean I think on both wings in particular on that on that can side he was. Firmly the aggressor out there in an joke which was on the back foot right from the word go and. He looked. Bewildered by the level throughout, imagine, imagine playing really good tennis and being the world number one. And having lost six love. I just can't I can't imagine how awful that feels. You know I texted you guys. At the end of that first set and I said. Other than serving a bit better. I. Don't know what he can do. I don't think it's a question of just raise the level a bit and that'll be okay. What can he possibly do? Yeah and he's been in his press conference Djokovic and use the word surprised by Nidal's level. I don't think he sold this coming from the doll based on what we've seen from the doll these two weeks. Yes. Nidal's been great. He's the final without dropping a set, but it's clearly not been absolutely top top level in the dull and I'm not sure your conviction was expecting the performance that we saw from the Dell today he was caught off Guard surprise bewildered and that that. is so much credit. As you said to walk in the door was doing he was the aggressor. He was taking every opportunity to hit his forehand down the line and standing up on the baseline and kind of taking the drop shot away from Jackovitch. I'm sure we'll talk more about that but just little subtle changes in his game that he made the just made this huge overall difference and with the intent that he paid with it was it was overwhelming for Novak Djokovic Channon. was kind of reminded of a little quote I read from turning adult recently who often the Schwartzman team match said a lot of people compare team to my nephew. But I, don't think that's a fair comparison. This was in Spanish. This was in the Spanish newspaper El Pice and he was saying that team is a great player, but he doesn't have the options in his game that Nadal has and. The different ways to be able to beat you I. Think this goes back to what we were talking about on a podcast recently when David you said the fact that these players are always adding things today game, the dull Djokovic and Federer, and the Dallas got so many different ways he can beat you. He can change what he does and he did that today and I think it surprised Yovich and It shouldn't be surprising to me, but at the end to us, but it kind of was surprising to see the dull change tactically against your that that rivalry has been so familiar in my head of what that looks like in terms of the patterns of the rallies and this one was different out there nobles the those tactical awareness today was was as good as anything I've ever seen from him. I think

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