A highlight from Kaavan Makes a Friend


I i'm neil. The host of the good news podcast. This is your source for good news fund stories and sonic showing. All of this. Goodness is coming to you from beautiful chicago illinois. i imagine a lot of you. Listeners have been paying very close attention to the trials and tribulations of kvant the elephant for those of you who haven't kvant is an elephant who was living in pakistan at the marg azzaro zoo sadly covens partner died eight years ago and kvant has been deemed. The world's loneliest elephant. That news is just to set the same. It is sad news. Let's take a look at the good news. Just recently the global animal welfare organization. Four paws helped to arrange and deliver kvant to a new home in cambodia. The cambodia wildlife sanctuary. In sam reap i think part of the reason. This has gotten some media. Attention is because one of the funders of four paws is none other than shake. It wasn't easy for cavan to make the ten hour flight from islamabad pakistan to reap in cambodia. It required a ton of work and a ton of people but everyone seemed extremely excited to make it all happen. It even required a military escort. I haven't seen the movie. Dumbo drop. But i have to assume it is essentially a documentary about this entire process. There are videos on the internet of share singing to kvant. If you're interested. I highly recommend them and kvant safe and sound and getting settled in his new home. The goodest news of this good news however is that cavan is no longer. The world's loneliest elephant literally the first elephant he saw he reached out for with his trunk and made contact with after years of hardship. Cavan has had a remarkable turnaround. Not only does he get three new elephant friends to hang out with. He got a solo performance from share. Not too bad. There's still are a few animals that are looking to be relocated from the Zoo if you know anyone who is interested in adopting a himalayan brown bear a deer or a monkey please reach out there looking for homes in the same way that kava. Thanks for listening. If you've got good news or an idea for the show. Amazing

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