Fall Guys Season 2 Travels Back to Medieval Times


One blessing guess what fog is season two arrives next week. This is Steve Watts over at gamespot fog is ultimate knockouts season to show off recently, and now we know when to expect to begin the studios announced that fog is season to start Thursday dunk tober eight. In the meantime, you can score some extra points developer media tonic announced that I'm sorry the news and ask the news at a tweet which tied the upcoming season to Halloween with mention of curse. The theme of the season isn't explicitly around this week holiday though as previously announced, it is themed around epic quests that means a giant castle setting and costumes like a dragon. Knight. Viking wizard in which costumes. The tweet also announced that a season draws to a close. You can claim double fame points rack up those extra points while you can before the next season starts next week. Blessing. Greg where are you at with fog is? I haven't picked up all guys in a while and I think I've been kind of going back and forth on this since I think the release of all guys I went from being I think before the game came out after I had done the Beta test being like. All right. Yeah. This seems like going to be fun for a few weeks but then. You know I don't I don't know what the longevity of this game game is then getting into that launch week of everybody playing it and it being extremely and he being like all right. Maybe this thing does have legs. Maybe this thing will be a thing that lasts forever and now I'm Kinda back in the place of I don't be personally not going to speak for the entire used because I know a lot of people are still playing fog is having a lot of fun of course but. I think when you compare it to something like A. Something like a fortnight, which is very unfair comparison because fortnight is like a once in a lifetime kind of thing for a game to blow up in that way. But you compare it also to something like animal crossing and other Games that have been blowing up over the years I feel like the conversation has ramped down on fog is in a way that. Crossing. You believe. I'm. Harvest my pumpkin not that I was doing right before we went live just got to talk you breaking with longevity bumpkins are whistles pumpkin. Them Right now, I need to water them that they've been playing with yesterday I was checking on my crop today I. got them all over the island I like talking about longevity right like I think. Fall Guy is a game back I think can have that but I think it is going to be more of a challenge for this game compared to other games of the like because I feel like with animal crossing, there's kind of a built in. Loop there as far as people coming back, people having people putting in like an hour a day or how long play animal crossing in a day like you know having seasonable events or those monthly events that bring people back insistently same fortnight for Ni- I think just has the the like the budget behind it and just the the manpower behind it to have that consistent. How consistent updates people continuously being back to it whereas fog is if you like doesn't naturally lend itself to that in the same way that said, this season to update seems very exciting I think. I. Might booted it up in, check it out for this. I Know Greg How do you? How do you react to this somebody? Who is in love with Halloween? It doesn't do much for me because they're not all in on it. That was my thing when it was at. Jeff's one night. One night only right. One night stand opening night life when they were like, Hey, here's fall guy season two and it's like all right and it was like it's nice and shit like Oh. Like Edison I don't care about medieval stuff. That's not really my jam I wish it was like we're doing a which I noticed doesn't make sense. Does it make a Lotta sense because Caesar? So long? Hey, we're doing a Halloween thing. They didn't they do I mean they are but they're not. Like it's very fascinating. The fog I story because I think in this quarantine in this year, we've talked so much about. These breakout successes and you look at something like animal crossing that yes. came out and was such a juggernaut right and then has waned obviously, but it's still part of were. So playing against part of these updates that are dropping that people are excited for doing things with I look I did a google trends search over here hold on and I know there's probably a cooler way to do it but I'm just GonNa, show it to you this by like this is just fog is right there. You see the graph obviously from the spike. In August when it launches and then steadily taking out taking not taking down not I mean what's unexpected I would say about that right is are the highs the graph gets to in terms of fog because fog is for a second there dominated the conversation and was all anyone could talk about which is great. Obviously but it's that thing of I remember when you when we talked about fortnight when we used to talk about pub G. When we talked about animal crossing, it was this conversation of all right. But how much longer can this go? What are what are the legs on this in you know look at? Yeah by comparison is interesting right in this one that's animal crossing and you see animal crossing obviously being hired as it's this crazy Nintendo game took over the world then dropping down but then fog is superseding but them being relatively tied right now as they go off and this is just google trends. So this isn't like by any stretch of the imagination actual like. Polling and science or anything like that but it's an interesting thing that. Animal crossing hasn't had this giant peak that has just gone down from where it seems like fog is especially when we look back in a few months, it's GonNa be longer and I, wonder how much of that is? Fog is is video games in general have a game play loop and they are the same thing over and over again right? Like I loved playing fog is that those two weeks we are really playing fog is a lot but the more I played at the less I was like God play more I got to play more like. Want One more game. But it wasn't like I wake up the next morning I want to go back to that where I feel like animal crossing. You know there's a big update coming or you're doing something over time because that's how animal crossing building, right like I planned to these pumpkins nominee checking on him every day I can harvest them and do it all over again whereas fog is even having the season pass and stuff like I wanted the hot dog hot I mentioned that was a cool. That's all I want on this past like I don't WanNa keep going I think fortnight you look at that, right? Really, the game has changed I. Mean invented. I shouldn't say that but changed the way we think of micro transactions and battle passes and how they're going to incentivize you to turn

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