Former FSU coach Bobby Bowden, Arizona’s Sumlin positive for virus


Saw a notice notice in about an hour ago, the media started talking about it. Legendary football coach Bobby Bowden has now got Cove in 1990 years old. That's tough. I listen, I am a Miami hurricane. The rivalry with Florida State. I can't stand the Florida Gators. Sorry, but one just my personal There are a few football teams. I just can't deal with Steve Spurrier ruined me for the Gators. But I will say that I've always had nothing but respect for Bobby Bowden, not just what he accomplished, but how he accomplished. I thought he was a class act. He always treated me very well when we would go to his coaches camps. And 90 years old Covert. 19 says he feels fine. He'll see how the next day the next couple of days work out for him, You know, to bring it a little closer to home. I just read it was just reported by Tyler Drake in our Web team. That theory Zona Wildcats head football coach Kevin Someone is now positive. Wow. Now old is coach someone I don't know the answer to that in the late forties. I was gonna say 50 50, but I'm still a relatively young guy, especially compared about about this was in the hospital had have assert a little bit of surgery had had the cancer's removed from his skin. He's 90 years old, So he's in a much more risk your category Someone is 56, okay? Yeah. So that stuff, so I wonder what they do is they get ready to play football? Pac 12 gonna play football soon? Yeah, his quote says in adherence with all university protocols, Coach Sumlin entered self isolation. Immediately. Contact tracing began in earnest. And he has not experienced things that this is not how humans talk. By the way. I know what I say, because, well, if it was forced isolation that's called kidnapping. Of course it was. It was self isolation. I am feeling well and will be engaged in our ramp up activities on a virtual basis until I complete the isolation protocol.

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