Doc Rivers was set to take break, says he 'couldn't turn down' opportunity to coach Philadelphia 76ers

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A week after Doc rivers in the clippers parted ways the sixers introduced rivers as their new head coach yesterday docks that he wasn't willing to coach just anyone but the talent and Philly made it a tough opportunity to turn down. That was gonNA coach anybody I can tell you that I was ready to take a break and. It just depends on the team that was available, and if I thought that team in my opinion was ready to win. That excited me and when you look at these players as young players and their potential. The fact that they've had. So much success in some ways at the age is that they are already. And where I believe they can go for me is is a job you just couldn't turn down. and. That's why I'm here. Certainly a loaded roster Zach Thomas still here with us with Steven you're up first at the end of the day, which is the tougher Doda to coach. Do you think it's PG thirteen and? Or would you go in beat and Simmons for dot? To to me, it's a Koala MPG. It's a tough. It's a tough situation because of where they are in their careers. Your I if you are a wild linnet, you're a two-time champion, the two time NBA Finals MVP portly. You're a bit indifferent as a personality. You're very businesslike approach. You go out doing what you need to do as it pertains to doing your jobs your job but in terms of galvanizing the troops around you, that's not Hawaii. Limit is you search around you talk around NBA circles that's what you consistently here in the case of. Paul George Obviously Paul Georgia's one of the more talented you know two way players in the NBA. He's a star, but unfortunately in his postseason career particularly, this postseason that was not the case and if your doc rivers and you walked into that situation, you got guys the veterans they're established stars they've got set in their ways. They believe there's a certain way to do things and what have you, and as a result, it ended up being an incredible challenge particularly when you consider what doc rivers had to absorb once Leonard Arrive Kawhi Leonard Arrive. At once Paul George Wounded Forces the clippers to trade to form in order to acquire Paul George because that's the person that he wanted to play. He wanted to play with he was GonNa practice what he felt necessary use GonNa take games off in terms of game you know load management when he wanted to he was gonNA play when he wanted to during the regular season of course, always available during the players but all of these things assist to what makes life difficult for coach particularly when you have ownership making these kind of investments that's problematic in the case of New Philadelphia Yes embiid, and Ben Simmons are young. And you gotTa get a Ben Simmons to shoot the boy only attempted seven three point the entire season last year Joel embiid attempted one, hundred, seventy two. So one guy needs to get the pulse more and stop having this big backside on a on the perimeter and the other guy needs to develop a perimeter shot. So he could be much more of a formative formidable threat, but they both incredibly young they both got a lot of promise and a lot of future. Ahead of them and they able, you know they're trainable to some degree as opposed to be definitively set in their ways because they don't have any definitive set ways that has really really worked for them and I think that's the difference. That's why I'd say it's it's tougher to coach. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George at this stage particularly for Doc rivers and what he had to deal with last year with the clippers then it would be for him to coach Embiid. EMBIID. And Ben Simmons.

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