Senator Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania And Copenhagen Consensus Center discussed on To the Point with Eric Mitchell


That's 800 to 15 51 41 more than 30,000 people remain under evacuation orders in California as wild fires have burned through a record four million acres in the state, the largest glass fire in Napa and Sonoma County's has burned through more than 64,000 acres and is currently on Ly about 30% contained Blomberg of the Copenhagen Consensus Center tells Fox News that attempts to suppress wildfires are one of the major reasons There are so many currently burning in the West by far the biggest impact. Is the fact that we have suppressed fire for more than 100 years, So a lot of fuel have built up in the underground of these forests, and that's why you're seeing such big fires. Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey says he'll be leaving public office in two years. I will not be running for re election in 2022. And I will not be running for governor. I will serve out the remainder of my term. And after that my plan is to go back to the private sector to me, made the announcement Monday, saying that he's looking forward to spending more time with his family, but that he's focused at the work to be done in the rest of his senatorial term. The two term Republican was also considering running for governor of Pennsylvania. In 2022. There will be two Monday night Football games tonight to binge on the Green Bay Packers will host the Atlanta Falcons in the game that was scheduled to be played tonight. But the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots will also do battle after their Sunday game was postponed due to positive Corona virus tests.

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