Companies seeking out potential employees with autism


Found about 30. Large companies actively seeking employees on the autism spectrum. Including Microsoft, J. P. Morgan and Ford. But there are still so many people with autism who are unemployed, and the numbers are growing in the next decade. Researchers at Drexel University estimate as many as 1.1 million Americans with autism will turn 18 back at autonomy works outside Chicago, Brian Sarah Brennen, Philip and Eric told us they hope more companies will start to recognize the untapped potential of people on the spectrum. What is having a job mean to you. For me? Having a job is important because it provides me with much needed structure in my life. Having the job is important to me because otherwise I would become very financially depend on my parents asking them. Can you buy me this? Can you buy me that? It's just been nice to be ableto Go home and talk to my parents about what I did during the day. They must be very proud of it. Yeah, they always say they're not surprised. So

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