PS5 Hands-On Reviews: Positive First Impressions From Japan


Brit. Let's kick off the news with his. Five business tape as. CAS So. This the hell kind of accent was anyway this comes through my nps five hands on preview show games console dual citizen more. So Japanese youtubers recently had a chance to go hands on the playstation five AV watch was one of those Japanese publications that was able to test out the playstation five and even though Sony still wasn't willing to show off the PS fives you, I. We did learn a couple of interesting facts. One of these is that Sony made the decision to make x the standard confirmed button for all regions, and if you say X is cross I will. Find you and it will punch you not too far. I don't want to hurt us only know it's wrong. It's not cross I. Digress, and the past circle was always the confirmed button for Japan North America, and Europe X was always chosen. It was also noted how quiet the playstation five was an action, which makes them very happy which will be a welcome change from how some of the most taxing games the PS four sound a bit like a jet engine. Furthermore Eighty Watch mentions that the dual sense buttons also make less noise when press as opposed to the dual shock for. Speaking of the dual sense for Gamer gave us a glimpse of how it's New Light. Bar looks with various colors including blue red, green, and purple. We also got a good look at the PS five hardware itself and he's preview show up close images of the PS five vertically and horizontally. Shit's getting real Andrea. It's getting real. Bread, it's getting so real taking a sip of my coffee. Sorry I I, muted myself there for a second. So this is a little bit of the video that came out of Japan that we have been seen circulate around the Internet I. Do think it's not surprising that they decided to go Japanese influencers. I would've liked to see them go with a wider scope maybe some of the creators from South America maybe some craters in Europe obviously some craters here in North America as well but again because. Somebody's always been favored because they are Japanese company obviously, not surprising. But what did you? What did you think anything kind of? Like take you. For a ride all expected. Yeah, I mean, it's all expected. It is interesting how Sony's handling their preview coverage as opposed to Microsoft and we've talked about this because they only have two days apart with their launch date. So you think then again, like you said Sony is going to Sony. Sony. Doesn't really need to do a lot of share. Real, they don't have to but the one thing I, thought was kind of fun that gave me a little a little giggle was the fact that they're making the X. Universal Button now to clarify this is just for the systems I'm sure the gains in Japan will still have the circle. Any x like what they have done because I played a game of what was it was recently, there's an old gay, maybe it was legend a dragoon on playstation and it's that thing where circle is there confirmed button at access your back Button and oh man that fucked me up. That's like muscle memory that you can't unlearn with a single game. So I I thought that was just kind of a silly thing but it's cool that they're doing it I guess I just feel bad for all the Japanese players that are going to have to try to relearn their button props.

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