Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to 3 Scientists for Work on Black Holes


Well. The Nobel Peace Prize in physics was awarded to dancing with the stars. I thought it was cool through three scientists for their work on black holes, and I didn't realize I don't know why I didn't realize this, but there's a huge prize money for winning a million bucks. If you get the Nobel Peace, Big deal. I thought it for some reason was bragging rights thing. But now Well, it is to only nominate like 6000. People s O. That's out there. If you want to look it up, and finally we well, do you want me to read the What's the name here? Let's go through the names right. The noble peace prize in physics was awarded 23 astrophysicists for their work on black holes. They are Roger Penrose and and Rose, Man. Reinhard Ginzler, gentle, a German and Andrea G's in American. They were recognized for their work on the gateway. Just

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