Attacking people in And by the time we had walked back


Some fascinating experiences just encountering people, nice people and every now and then, But not very often. There is some liberal Democrat a leftist along the side of the road, shouting the F word people and being mentally ill, generally speaking and violently, criminally insane. A lot of the Democrats have way more than their share of the violently criminally insane. How they recruited them. They organize them and they have money on Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and stuff, and then they call him up and they come out and they start violently attacking people in And by the time we had walked back to, uh, let me see about 12 Street. I guess we saw the first arrest of liberal A damn. It looked like a jihadi had a black beard and was dressed in all black and He was sitting on the curb and handcuffs. The police had had arrested this person for attacking attacking Trump people, You know nice families, women, with blonde hair carrying American flags being attacked by Democrats, ripping the American flags out of their hands. So they can burn them because they burned American flag Democrats. They don't bring American flags to rallies. They burned them. They ripped him away from women, and they set them on fire, and they burn them. So that was happening. And the police and many instances now there were there were police never pleased, making arrests, and there were guns pulled off of You know Biden voters there were how many guys got the numbers I'll get to. I think seven guns 20 some out arrests. Ah, lot of violent attacks. We were my best girl and I we know where to go for the vault. We know when it's going to start. The sun was starting to go down and show you head over toward the White House, which was all blocked, blocked off, and that's whether Black lives matter. Plaza BLM P. It's like the blimp blimp and on. We went over there and, of course, liberals and and his criminals. Ah, lot of criminals were over there on day were harassing people and then eventually attacking and assaulting people in And, uh, including one guy who was attacked from behind and people keep saying he was sucker punched. He wasn't sucker punch guy with, like baseball jacket and and and, uh, look like, you know, pretty fit guy, graying hair and at a guy attacked him from behind and he had either lead pipe or a steel pipe up his sleeve. He didn't punch him with his fist. He slammed him with a heavy metal object up his sleeve and knocked the guy out. And then some Democrats came over and stomped on his head. Women there a lot of violent, criminally insane, mentally ill women that the Democrats have organized, too. And this woman came over and stomped on the man's head. It was obviously a racist attack to the racist black guy attacked the white guy with the pipe up his sleeve and then erases black woman came up and stomped on his head when he was unconscious, because that's the Democrat Party. CNN has not covering this. They're not talking about it. They're not going to mention it because they're not a news organization and And the Washington Post is and neither is The Washington Post likes to equivocate and say, Well, there was a Trump rally and there was violence. Ipso facto. It's Trump rallies fault. That's not what happened at all. It's like saying you went to assignment and Garfunkel concert, and when you came out there were Isis members there, and they decapitated seven people in the parking lot, and you blame the concert goers. Right. That's that's the equivalent of what the Washington Post is doing, because they're they're not journalists. They're they're hex. They had eight reporters on one story on how you do that report by committee, But my best girl and we're done and then we headed over and and the violence had start on these lunatics. These mentally ill people, and there were a couple of police officers getting in the middle of it a bit, But really, it's the it's the broken skull. It's broken skull policing. I'd say it's a It's a mad Max. Beyond. Thunderdome version of broken Windows policing and what happens is you wait until everybody's dead. And then you go in with fire trucks and your hose, the blood off of the asphalt, and that's that's kind of mostly what was happening. Because if you had started grabbing the people that were harassing and committing minor assaults early on, then you would have prevented most of the violence. But we don't do that in D. C. We wait until people are in the hospital and and in prison and people's lives were changed forever because they're assaulted with lead pipes from behind by violent mobs. And then, of course, there is the

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