The Michelle Carter Case

Not Guilty


In westport massachusetts with his mother and sisters that day. Conrad's mother lynne. Never suspected he was considering suicide. She knew he'd seemed presley but as they walked along the shore she and conrad joked about the bathing suits they saw. They discussed his scholarship to fitchburg state university. Conrad took his sister's out for ice cream. Lynn leader said. I thought he was doing great before. I continue with conrad psychology. Please note that. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but i have done a lot of research for the show. According to the american foundation for suicide prevention one of the warning signs of suicide is a sudden improvement in mood. medical news. Today has reported that this mood shift may occur because the afflicted individual feels relieve that they've come to a decision conrad perhaps seemed calmer and more relaxed to his family because he felt glad in the moment that he was nearing the end the looming decision hadn't been made even as conrad spent the day with his family. He continued text. Michelle for most of that afternoon. Conrad shell that. He felt worried and stressed but he was still committed to going through with his plan around six o'clock pm. Conrad told his mother. He was going out to visit his arianna. She asked if he'd be home for dinner. He told her that he didn't think so. He also texted michelle to tell her that he was leaving. Conrad drove to a k. Mart parking lot and fairhaven massachusetts. He sat in his truck as it slowly filled with carbon monoxide. Just before six thirty he called michelle and they spoke for forty three minutes before disconnecting at seven twelve pm. Michelle called him back. She was on the phone with him for another forty seven minutes until conrad cell phone ran out of batteries. There are no recordings of these phone calls and it's not clear what they talked about but later michelle would confess to a friend that at one point conrad got scared and left the truck to get some fresh air. Michelle told him to get back inside. Conrad listened to her. He got back in the truck then remained there until he died when they hung up at around eight pm. Michelle immediately texted to friends and told them she was afraid. Conrad had killed himself. She neglected to mention that she'd been in on his plan or that she had encouraged him to do it afterward. Michelle tried calling conrad again. The call went straight to voicemail. She continued to call him more than twenty times and received no response. She texted him asking if he was okay after months of conrad suicidal talk. She seemed unconvinced that he might actually be dead eventually. Michelle tried texting. Conrad sister camden asking if she knew where. Conrad was camden. Assume that conrad was at their father's house and michelle apparently believed her. She immediately texted. Conrad i thought you actually did it. She also told him that since he hadn't gone through with suicide. Maybe it was time for him to finally get help. of course. conrad didn't respond the next morning july thirteenth. When conrad didn't return home his mother reported him missing to the police and his family went out looking for him that afternoon. Police discovered conrad's truck parked in the k. Mart with his body inside they also found his phone sitting next to him. Although conrad's death was not at that time considered suspicious. Police decided to confiscate his phone. They thought it might give them answers as to why conrad had taken his own life. In the meantime conrad's family grieved loss on july nineteenth. They held his funeral. Which michelle attended. Some of the family members recalled that she acted oddly. Asking conrad sisters for some of his belongings and even requesting to keep some of his ashes. Conrad's friend arianna said. She sat close to where the family area was. I always described her. Seen as the grieving widow. She was constantly sobbing. She made a scene that evening after the funeral. Michelle texted conrad's phone and made her feel better to text him even though

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