Undermine him, discredit him de legitimize him and deny


Meanwhile, McEnaney says president like Joe Biden should not worry. There's a plan for distributing the virus vaccines. The White House coronavirus Task Force holds briefing for the first time since this past summer, Here's correspondent Jackie Quit, They didn't dwell on the raging spread of covert 19 across the country feeling hospital beds and morgues. Although task force coordinator Dr Deborah Berke says this is really a call to action for every American to increase their vigilance, Vice President Mike Pence clarified the post. Addition on tighter restrictions, not support another national lockdown. And we do not support closing schools Jackie Quinn washing towards his top elections. Officials expected to certify election results showing Joe Biden winning the presidential election in that state sector state Brad Rafa's Burger stumbled on the last step Friday, so the certification is incomplete. Or from town home dot com.

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