Philadelphia 76ers agree to trade Josh Richardson to Dallas Mavericks for Seth Curry, per report


Today. Just now josh. Richardson was traded by the sixers to the mavericks at a thirty six. Pick with richardson for sets cari and richardson's kind of one of those guys that just happened now according to coach and you know an elder reporters but The tyrod terry moves into this at curry spot into the south carolina. Spot right into but richardson is one of those types of guys. That were sort of talking about here right. I mean like. I think you would want knee smith to grow into that type of role and hopefully get better on defense. Maybe not a guy who was handling a lot for you but can here and there That that would be the long term goal for him. But i'm not so sure that the ball handling ability is there but if it is it's never going to be at a high level he's always going to be a shooter for you and if he can shoot a heck of a lot better than richardson. While being good on defense. That'd be a really nice player but there's a lot of questions though.

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