Is Bitcoin About To Fall?


So when it comes to bitcoin veil of the well look yesterday. I didn't do much sooner. Bit up to down but at all looking walk it might be a little bit confused now. Don't forget that we've been looking at what i've been looking at It has been. There's four hour consolidations. Because what bitcoin has been doing on the dailies. Just kinda climbing. Whether it does it fossil slow it's been clogging but has gone through periods in the four hour focused on trend and we've got another little starting at the moment whether it will continue up. Just don't know that if we if we consider the move that we had back through twelfth Around that period until about the eighteenth oversaw advise. Then we ran off from what bet. Twelve or eleven. Sorry up to the high was sort of thirteen seven then threat that period we consolidated from you know end of october november all the way through to more or less twenty. It's starting of the full of november. And then we ran up for. Ma was at roughly fourteen thousand to sixteen thousand and then we ground higher again. You know we went from fifteen to eighteen and now it's sort of not consolidation period guy so there is somewhat of a a bit of consistency in the white moving. It's not pulling back. Not pulling really daily will start. Hasn't for a couple of wake so the as we extend ourselves highlight do continue to say that there is a likelihood of probability that we will pull back. It's just what normal markets do in the healthy. It's a natural back and a kind of looking forward to it in a way. Because that's what i tried from your name pullbacks to be able to get me to try so just keeping it on at the moment. Obviously the way we had a very strong run this waking guy up eleven percent of very very big move. We are very extended. Pullback fourteen would be very welcomed and you might think. Jeez that's a big full. Look at the moves that we've had him and we've gone from the cradle. Tried backwards ten five with moved over. Eight thousand sorry. Yeah thousand dollars in the spice of a couple of months. So it's been a doozy of a move. So i just signed time be loaded if we do see a pullback seven thousand nine hundred sixty four dollars brought now point to of on the day yesterday up only point to one

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