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What the clark could be talked about today on the johnson. Podcast john. Today we discussed the clerk. Levy clark defunding johnson's and we really cover johnson shirt. Turn inside out. Mind as ridiculous shirt as stupid. I really wanted one to god. I thought it was always her so cool. Borrowed one from a friend. They're talking about dick sizes but nobody knows what he knows. It's so weird. It's real subtle kid of letters to city council. that's basically the best form of city government. Entertainment in our lovely town is go. Read those emails to council. They are fascinating. They're very fascinating illuminating. If you will yes that in watching zoom meetings of council when the call film doesn't work and just the chaos that ensues as mail your letter at his yeah. Why isn't there a lifetime thing. I was always thinking. Nations tablet a camera where people can go into a box journey. There's this american life episode. Oh yeah japan. This farmer has a telephone booth middle of a field that people talk and it is records record thirdly the sars into basically they don't talk to anybody they go talk in this phone booth. Yeah it's i think it's the last pockets of maybe openly crowd listening to a king incredible. That's what they should have. Counsel is some phone booth that people can go to scream into a microphone during his meeting you you. Why can't that happen. Or mrs thomas zurbuchen calling in from blabbity blah. Great big positives in my speech. Chew up my three minutes but that's okay talk for nine. Yeah the smartest statement rather than a question. I just wanna call. You'll names checks out. So you're i just wrote them down on these posted posted knows. Pass those through to the council and that's my time there we go. You'll my yield my time of need. Who's that guy got an. When was that like a of months ago in that dude was yelling at some californians city council california's swearing in at the end. The like ten seconds left. And he's like a yielded. Rainer my time. Fuck you like an open meeting of lapd or something. Yeah something like that. These took every second of it. Just basically rip. It was funny. He went forth any good. What else we talked about clark. We water rates rates in and Housing projects hong jackson street commission on the poor people. Stay in their place. They surely know to be in the city. Talked about those Talk a little bit where he's been what he's been doing. We hope we wish the best goth beat again oakland. One day you you you figure out what that lump on your knees we We didn't we didn't talk about no. We didn't how man committed or rv's gonna play coming to city council. Okay good comment all right on the street. I had to go to the protest way held a couple of days ago and the protests people excessive forced shooting tier. This protecting serving. I think it's more a the call you officer or cheat because you are those titles. You're disgrace sep. Galore is wow. That's an angry young gentlemen. does that clark. I also liked it. Somebody put a beat behind it. Cute would way to get your point across. He's probably not allowed to go to city council. He's probably on a couple. Might be somebody just said that. Tom dom putin twenty four thirteen rose circle read. Rv packs but no one cares about are. These would be great. I don't know insurance on them. It's your money you want to with again. If you wanna camp out throughout the city five days a grevy park where they want to back it up eight feet back into good. Another five days for public streaky. Home worlds campground trying to dig it. Boy well i haven't area her meander through that one. Enjoy enjoy well. It's september fifth twenty. Twenty here in billings montana. This is the friday pag stocking. Stout in our new dank poltergeist. Fill basement dank in the most colloquial of senses. Can we just get one little table lamp in here. We will have down here. I think just and that's all. Yeah i think by bringing the coors neon signs that's perfect. It's probably louder than needs to be. Oh shit that throws off throws everything we have down here. We had some Neon in the base one of our office and turned on killed all the wifi no focused signal anywhere and there was crazy noise. Just on the wired. Ethernet that's great. Yeah a guest exclusive city politics addicts not exclusively cops. Beer beer j. Aj everybody jana. Well i don't know ever since he left for us ackerman on that. Should we just call it a trip. He went to take a vacation a place that helps with purchase problems. Okay so he's he's been down there for god starting to team. He said if. I don't do this now. I'll never do it absolutely right. He does spun right down there. I'm working on better l. p. than later. I was going to be on the betty. Ford clinic needle this one too much. We got can't take a man when he's down no. We can't do that. 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