Creating a Foundation for Change: A Conversation with Rich Roll

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Session today. We have an ultra riveting new episode today. Our guest is just be well. Personified from nourish to prosper. You're going to gain so much out of this one session. So just buckle up campers. I am thrilled to welcome to the show. A real living testament to the power of just human will of personal transformation. Now if you don't know rituals incredible story let me just give you a little taste He has achieved top finishes. In grueling endurance races like the alterman world championships also garnered praise as one of the twenty five most fittest men in the world. He the author of the number one bestselling memoir finding ultra and the cookbook. The plant power way so rich now dedicates his life to just exploring human potential through lots of mediums. His ritual podcast one of them. But today we're just going to really get some invaluable lessons of personal empowerment. We're going to talk about themes about wellness the business of the human psyche and self-improvement and then at the end of course will try to take some questions so without further ado rich. Welcome to our show. Thank you for having me. I'm delighted to be here today. I appreciate it. So why don't we just start off with the big kind of macro view of what just wellness mean to you. What is that holistically by. Your wellness is one of those terms that feels like it's been co-opted and commercialized. But for me you know. Wellness basically just means a commitment to constant progressive growth in iteration. How can i be better today than i was yesterday. Across all aspects of what it means to be alive. Of course it means sydney's it means paying attention to your diet what you put in your body but on your body but also your mental health and your emotional health. How fit are your relationships with the people that you love how productive throughout the day. What kind of employees are you like. How to use function and operate in the workforce. And what is your connection to things like purpose you know. How are you contributing. How are you giving back. These are all tentacles. Or or you know sort of aspects threads of what i consider wellness so i think about it. You really the broadest context okay. And so there's so much like surface area there to cover. And i know that you weren't always you know so into wellness. You know in that especially when you have such a large surface area to cover. So can you try to tell us a little bit about your journey to get here. Because i think there's been some interesting obstacles along the way some of those different areas. You know. sure slow fifty three now. I haven't always been you know bod casper in into this kind of stuff. I mean i grew up in a very traditional household. Education was a big priority. I was always kind of secure kid who struggled with you know how to connect with other human beings and initially struggled academically. But i fell into the sport of swimming and that kind of became my world and you know the better i got in that sport the better. I got academically. I was able to succeed. At a young age. I ended up at stanford university competing with some of the best swimmers in the world on the best collegiate swim team program in the world and i went to cornell law school and became a corporate lawyer initially in san francisco and later in los angeles but along the way i became i had i had tremendous struggles with drugs and alcohol. That landed the rehab at thirty one hundred day stint in which. I really had to deconstruct how i was living. My life on every level and that kind of was the first instance of understanding that. Perhaps there's a different way to live. That was kind of outside of this very traditional track that i was on but even with that like ten years into sobriety i was still a corporate lawyer kind of climbing the typical ladder and found myself at thirty nine on the precipice of forty fifty pounds overweight and really not only dissatisfied with how was living like my career choices feeling barium facility that but really tremendously unwell. I cared derives it kind of like an existential crisis about how i was living that collided with a health scare that i had shortly before i turned forty where i was walking simple flight of stairs to go to sleep and had a heart incident like i'd tightness in my chest. I had to take a break on a simple flight of stairs. I was buckled over sweat on my brow and really scared that i was about to have a heart attack because heart disease runs in my family and it was a was a very specific moment in time that was similar to the day. I decided i was going to quit drinking alcohol.

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