Bellegarde stepping down, Missing and Murdered update, Yurok reservation closing, and Tribal leaders face senate


Down carpenter reports prime minister justin trudeau pay tribute to bell guard for his leadership over the past. Six years hurry. Bogarde was first elected as national chief of the assembly of first nations in two thousand and fourteen on monday. He tweeted that he spent the past. Six years bringing indigenous issues before canadians. Adding that issues and concerns that used to be talked about around. The kitchen table are now in the media every day and at the center of public debate. Prime minister justin trudeau praised bell guard as a tireless leader and advocate for first nations. And i know. I am joined by people across the country in recognizing and celebrating his years of devoted service to first nations communities. We lift you up perry. We will continue to work with the national chief to advance. The priorities identified by first nations including keeping first nations communities safe from this pandemic since two thousand and fourteen bell guard says he successfully advocated for laws protecting indigenous children and languages and the new law to implement the un declaration on indigenous rights. His work has also helped secure dollars in new funding for native people. The national chief of the afl is elected every three years. The organization represents more than six hundred first nations across canada for national native news. I'm dan carpenter. The wisconsin missing and murdered indigenous. Women task force has started its work. The group was formed in july. After legislation to create the task force failed. Katie thorson has more the missing and murdered indigenous. Women force is made up of more than thirty people. From around the state they include the state attorney. General lieutenant governor lawmakers abuse victim advocates law enforcement officers and community leaders in overwhelming majority of which are native american women many have been impacted on a personal level here our my relatives but specifically for my grandmother. My sisters. My nieces All who are survivors. My cousin is rattling to and she wanted missing and was murder in october of nineteen eighty. Six on my classmates that it went to mission school with here dana she went to go visit a relative in stevens point for this summer and she was a baby sitting there and she was abducted there and she was murdered. The goal of the task force is not only bringing awareness to this issue but to find solutions to prevent violence kristin welch is the lead organizer of 'em w as many of you had said in your introduction is really complex it's layered. It's a huge problem but strategic way we can begin to create solutions as really exploring relationships between the systems and examining the issues within key components of mma w subcommittees were created a focus on different issues though subcommittees will report to the task force on their findings throughout the year. I'm katie thorson. The york tribal council in california voted this week to close its reservation. The closure will be in effect for at least three weeks. Due to the region. Seeing an increase of cove nineteen cases. According to the tribe. there have been fifteen covid. Nineteen cases on the reservation to date tribal officials say. They're taking precautions to protect elders. Those with pre existing health conditions and the entire community. The reservation will reopen when. There's a decline in infection rates. Some tribal leaders are scheduled to testify virtually wednesday before the us senate committee on indian affairs. The committee is holding a hearing on tribal self-governance and cultural sovereignty. Senate buildings are closed to the public at the hearing will be streamed online. I mean antonio gonzalez

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