Him in his fifth year, he should no longer be doing


I mean, his his tenure is an eagle is coming to an end. I very I agree with you when you have Carson Wentz doing what he did in the end the first half of that game, making the same mistakes that he made. That a rookie would make. You can't be doing that in your fifth year. I mean, I want to forget about it because he had those too spectacular drives to close out the game. But it was against the Giants and there's certain things him in his fifth year, he should no longer be doing Here. Norma was going on with him, but he was sitting here. He did some great so he was really a very good play Very good quarterback and sexy And I just You really know about understand him there. You know who you're talking about Me? Boston wins the ball like that deep is a player eight to the bar to Yeah, No, I hear you venting your I know Jim. Hang in there, man. Our time is 4065

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