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Dot com. I'm wrong to wash second Trump Biden debate was sharply contested, but much more civil than their first encounter. Three weeks ago, each candidate got in there zingers. President Trump criticized Joe Biden's 47 years in Washington. She it's all talk no action with these politicians, and Biden accused the president of fueling racial tensions. Come on. This guy's a dog whistle about Bigas a foghorn. But the tone of this debate was much improved as the men vigorously argued, important issue. News from health care to climate change. As a result, the face to face encounter reinforce the starkly different visions and personalities of the two contenders and the choice facing American voters. Greg clutched in at the presidential debate in Nashville is before the debate kicked off. The former business partner of Hunter Biden held a press conference alleging former vice president Biden was involved in a business deal with the son. With China, which included a kickback Navy veteran Tony Bob Linsky display three cell phones. You said he was turning over to the Senate Homeland Security to me committee today as part of investigation led by Senator Ron Johnson. Republicans and Democrats in the Senate remained divided on the issue of state bailouts is part of a covert 19 relief bill. Democrats has blocked the latest GOP proposal that minority leader Schumer blast says an emaciated bill that left most Americans behind Republican Charles Grassley says Democrats are demanding citizens and fiscally responsible states like his bailout states in the red long before covert 19 and somehow This is worth holding up relief for struggling families. Come on. I yield the floor by new Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter keeping getting the heat from the GOP if Republican senators threatening the CEOs of the social media companies with subpoenas if they do not testify voluntarily. News and analysis a townhall dot com

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