Here are the key moments from the final Trump-Biden presidential debate


Well. Polls show an extremely tight race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in some key states, including Florida Maryellen classes, the Tallahassee Beauty for the Miami held and gave me her assessment of the debate from Tallahassee. It was remarkably different from the first debate We had a few weeks ago, they were more calm. They didn't talk over each other. The president was so much more restrained, and it was more of a debate. It was, ah, remarkable difference. And were there any moments that really stood out for you? There were a number of moments they began with. Vice President Joe Biden really made an effort at the start of the debate to try and bring the focus back at every opportunity to President Trump's handling of the pandemic. And I have to say that the president was pretty assertive in being able to Get an answer out. I think he was pretty effective at criticizing Joe Biden for having record and not accomplishing certain things during that time. I think Vice President Biden was also very effective in being critical of the president. You're in Tallahassee and this year where we are, it seems, is in Florida there. Percentage of of support in terms of registered voters seems almost neck and make their our dynamics This time around. That seemed to be changing. That is that Trump has lost senior voters. There seemed to be more young voters that are turning out to vote when traditionally they don't show up in very large numbers. There's also a lot of emphasis being placed on Hispanic voters to make sure that they show up and vote. And there's also work on getting black voters who are very reliable Democratic voters to show up so the ground efforts to get people out to vote made really be the thing that puts the candidates That winds over the edge on the beach of health care. I know you in terms of demographics, Floyd, it is it not have a very high rate off retirees. When they spoke about him on thrashed it out about health care. Is this something that may change the mind of a certain age is all that is the key issue for many voters in your state. Yes, it's very interesting because even though Florida has not expanded Medicaid to cover more people There are many more Floridians, especially in the Miami Dade area that are registered under the provision under Obama care, then are in other states, so there's a very large percentage of people that depend on Obama care for their health care. And so the threat of eliminating that is something that is important concern for many people, And while the president continues to say they're going to come up with an alternative They have had four years and they still haven't put a plan in front of the American people. So it's really sort of again. It's a vote over what we know or a promise of something we don't And she's Mary Ann and Class. The Tala Holly Tallahassee Bureau chief for the Miami

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