AMD Reaches Highest CPU Market Share Since 2007, Q3


Amd reaches twenty percent market share highest since two thousand seven according to the q. Three twenty twenty report. Amd shared the recent mercury research. Cpi marketshare results. These results showed amd had reached its highest overall market share since two thousand seven and has its highest desktop share since twenty thirteen and the x eighty six market. Amd took its highest amount of share sits q. Two of twenty eleven. This comes as an md has been experiencing still our financial results pointing to amazing growth and also follows intel's reset disappointing earnings report. Particularly when it comes to intel's desktop pc process ourselves looks like amd's doing pretty well. We think about that. I think that's awesome. I think competition is always a good thing. I'm not a particular fan boy of either company. Though the past few years i've been pulling for. Amd despite having an entire processor. But i've got a used server. Cpu not a normal desktops. Ep so really. I think it's great that amd's catching up again. I'm a fan of the underdog typically for good story right. Yeah definitely. I mean both. Amd until have issues. I'm not gonna lie. Yeah but i think this is great for. amd the great that they've been able to catch up with their processors intel needs get back in the game they've been having trouble with their Processes over the past few years trying to get by ten nanometer process. Amd's seven nanometer. Now okay. so it's like intel's have trouble gained lowered work okay. Well i'm sure they'll be able to figure something out all right. So speaking of that. Intel launches iris maximum. Gp's entry level laptops intel's finally stepping back into the dp business after two decades shipping. Their gpu in oem laptops. They've lost her irish exc- max. Graphic solution is designed to complement intel's x lp integrated graphics into the tiger lake. Cp's xy maxwell chopin thin and light laptops as an updated graphics option and has a focus on mobile creation. So this is really meant to be position as game solution but more of a mobile content creation solution helping in applications such as handbrake to pixel image up sampling software other productivity increase tasks still. The susceptive compete with nvidia. His latest generation entry level solution. Mx extra fifty baby steps. You now baby steps. I think it's good. They're getting into that at least the contact creation. Dps yeah that'll make some money from that you know Contact creators want to have that. Gps helps speed up the rendering process. Yeah for sure. Yeah crazy like how much you know. You're seen as far as content wise as far as like rendering like you know Special effects three d images all kinds of stuff on to. Yeah it's pretty wild well even with just regular video editing like you don't need that powerful of a graphics card to render to to speed it up you know just any dedicated. Gpu yeah that's going to speed up the rendering process for the youtube videos or wherever you go to upload videos. Yeah for sure. I mean. I know i've i i remember like years ago. I was up like youtube all day. You know i'm sure by now. It's probably caught up. Yeah so even though intel's not competing what's the gaming. Gps yeah you know they're going to compete with the likes of like Gatx Was at ten thirty. I think it was something like that. Okay but that's Example of what they compete with. I think you know hard. I mean it's lower in cars. Obviously these different products that are needed for situations. Yeah so apple's secret button. On the iphone and ios fourteen apple has implemented a feature called back tap and i o s. Fourteen adds a new hardware button to the iphone. Backed-up turns the entire back of the phone and two a touch sensitive button which can trigger specific buttons said. He could be modified inside of the accessibility menu feature could be integrated with shortcuts. So you could do almost anything you imagine what this feature. I could tell you right now. Though i have iphone six s running ios fourteen. That's not going to work with that phone. That must beaten phones. I can handle it.

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