How to Prepare Your Business for The Holidays


For a lot of people. The holidays is a hectic time. Not only in their own families but in their business of course i love the holidays because he really prepare for them well in advance and it's a really relaxed calm time for us and our colleagues and i'll tell you why it's all about communication and setting up expectations. We know that it's important for us. And our collies our team members to enjoy the with friends and families so we want to give that to them. We don't want them to be stressed out so we work around that to make sure that our whole team has a chance to relax to recharge to enjoy being with family so our company actually closes down. We actually do not work on christmas eve christmas day and the day after christmas now. Many people might not agree with that they say. Hey all i'm business should be open twenty four seven. She get people to work during those ships. You're leaving money on the table. While i didn't build a business so i can do things i don't wanna do right. I'm building a business to make sure if it's with my lifestyle and fits the lifestyle and the needs of my team members and guess what it's okay to close as long as you communicate it to your customer so well advanced about three to four weeks before we actually take off for those three days on holiday. We tell our customers. Hey we take off. During these three days we make sure all our promotions are sales. All the things we're doing to really bring in customers all happened well before this time. Okay we we plan this so that there is no need to be around okay secondly we tell our customers that were. We won't be around but will be back on this date and what we found overdoing this year. After year is that our customers are totally fine with the fact that they think it's awesome and as long as they're given a heads up and they know and we do this via email. We do this by App message we do this in our chat message as a automatic reminder hey just a reminder will be not available these days coming in a few weeks and this allows everybody on the team You know from our developers designers marketers to customer service agents to all take a break when it comes to something like our podcasts where we are producing content. We edit we do all that stuff and we just do it in advance we batch it and we schedule everything in. We let the computers take care of things. Okay that's the beauty of technology you can record edit and schedule everything in advance so that you can enjoy the time off. But you can't do it if you don't plan for it if you don't make sure it's in the calendar and make sure that you're planning for with your task lists leading up to it now. If your business where you have to be open on christmas day or christmas eve is just your business. Depends on your toy store. The first thing i want you to do is question your assumption that it's a mad house in your business during that time maybe it is You know busy with you have customers but it's not as busy as you think it might be take a look at your analytics. Look at the data. Look at the traffic on google analytics. Look at your ticket volume for the past your Customer support tickets. See what's going on. You might just need one person to work as customer support agent or a help desk during that day and we've had to do this On different ways so what we do. Is we ask for volunteers in the team to cover those shifts and it's totally voluntary and we actually give them a double pay that day so it's a little bit of a bonus to work there and there's some people that may not value that particular holiday as much as you do or much as anybody else. Maybe they celebrate other holidays and they're happy to work that day for double pay and for the most part. It's not as busy as a normal day. Now if your company is very busy before the holidays during the holidays. Maybe you know the week before christmas. You know this is the you know the nature of your business. Then you need to make sure. There's all hands on deck before you take off Make sure that no one's taking off during that time nobody taking any kind of extended. Holidays is kind of like a. You know a red alert all hands on deck time where you need as many people on the team to be working understand that they can't do this forever. You can have people you know in an intense situation weeks on end They're gonna need a break so make sure it's you know a few days or a week at most. Now let's talk about the actual products services all that kind of stuff so back in the day i had my own clothing line and the the holidays was a very busy time. In one of the challenges i had was making sure. I had enough stock on hand to sell at all During the holidays now if you have a choice between having too much sock and not enough stock you sell out. The latter is always better. It's always better to sell out and have a sense of wow. This is a very popular product. Very popular brand Sell out here. That's a better look for you than being overly stocked and you're left with a lot of stock to sell and if you're an industry like fashion like i was you just can't keep things forever you can only sell it for maybe a couple more months if that And then the season's over you got to change things up the same thing in toys you know. The hot toys are not the same The next christmas you can always look at historical data and see how things went last year. Remember every year is going to be a bit different depending on the circumstances of the year People are predicting that this year. This holiday season is gonna be one of the biggest holiday seasons of all time in online shopping because of the pandemic and also people are predicting people are going to be spending actually more this holiday season. Because they're trying to you know have some sort of happiness some sort of You know Celebration and they're willing to spend on holidays since they're not going a vacation getting around on they're not spending on eating out that much anymore so those spend on the holidays so keep that in mind inner estimates. There's one piece of advice out comes to promoting your sales for the holiday is to star early There's a reason why. I i really think that And i've tried this in the past and it really is very very powerful. Is that if you start early. Let's say for example. Your holiday sale is the first week of december Nah you know right before christmas. You are going to get people early on before. They spent their money. You're also going to be able to save a lot of money on marketing because your marketing dollars go a lot longer. Because it's not as hyper hyper crowded right before the holidays on facebook ads and instagram ads and google. And all that stuff. You're also going to deal with the rush of the holiday season for your business early on so you can start winding down. Your team can enjoy. It's time and of course you can hit your quarterly goals your quarter four-goal end of your goal earlier and even if you don't hit the goal you know how much left you need to hit the goal. We have a few more weeks where you can Try to make up that gap. The holidays should not be hectic but you need to plan for it to not to be hectic put things in place like we mentioned today so you can enjoy them.

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