The History Of Edo Japan


The last episode i covered the beginning of the eto period it was known for its 'isolation strict societal classes and hierarchy and order but it started to see unravel beginning the second half of the era and by eighteen hundred internal issues with the merchant class rising an economic stature above the samurai and all the other classes were casting doubts about the practicality in future of the class hierarchy in japan also outside nations were beginning to by the early nineteenth century seek out any gauge japan regarding diplomatic relations and trade this would endanger. It's latest policy in this episode. I'll continue with the period a continuation of those same internal and external pressures issues. It will culminate in the arrival of commodore perry and the eventual fall of the tokugawa shogunate. And i will provide an analysis of these events and compare these events with what was going on in china during the same period internally in japan the issues of samurai impoverishment continued lower lower level samurais increasingly became frustrated that high-ranking government positions went to privileged families with no chance of advancement compounding this were bad crop harvests in the eighteen thirties resulting in famine disease and death japanese officials failed to provide relief leading to some peasant protests and riots outside pressures were also continuing to mount in eighteen forty four king william the second of the netherlands sent a letter to the show gun urging japan to end its isolation policy or it would be ended by force from foreign countries as already stated. The japanese. Were aware of the humiliation of the. The chinese suffered at the hands of the english in the first opium war. Japan had almost immediately after that began. Its modernisation western. Books were translated into japanese. The japanese began studying western military strategies. Those that could afford it sent their sons to foreign schools. Japanese envoys visited foreign countries japan with slowly preparing for the eventual encounter with these western powers about the same time. The americans were becoming more concerned that if they did not act quickly. Other nations particularly european nations would gain a foothold in japan. The us head already been beaten to the punch so to speak by the europeans. In the exploitation of china plus the americans wanted a refuge in japan for its steamships to recall on their way to china. There were also many reports and concerns over the japanese treatment of shipwrecked shipwrecked american sailors and their desire to do something about that. The us got to the point where it wanted to send to japan. An expedition seeking relations and to avoid being left out of the asia pacific region and development and discussion. Everything would begin to change in eighteen fifties

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