Gathering. Getting over 30 signatures you know, recently been gathering, but I think there's more that we can do


Really, frankly, what the continued role of Hong Kong is a separate entity because it appears that the Chinese government no longer believes it's valid. Do you see any differences in terms of forming international partnerships with the Incoming Biden administration in the United States. Well, I think the Biden administration is likely to be more internationalist in its approach. So although I don't foresee a change in its China policy, I do foresee a change in the way it seeks to execute that policy, and it'll be interesting to see how other countries react to that. Having Many of them having complained about the nature of President Trump's actions whether or not they are, as they have said, supportive of the policy that concerned of the strategy, whether now they will actually support the policy as well. You think that Britain's position has in any way being weakened in the stands said it is taking over Hong Kong and China. By its admission that it has the right to break international law with legislation that is passing through parliament in relation to Brexit.

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