Miami Heat Beat Boston Celtics 125-113 To Advance To NBA Finals


Puerto Bow on the season for the Boston Celtics somewhat disappointing ending I guess it's always disappointing especially if you're affiliated with the Boston, Celtics if you don't raise that championship trophy at. The end of the year, there were some bright spots, Jalen. Brown played pretty well on Sunday night. He had twenty six points in only seventeen shots on scale. Few things stood out. As you mentioned, Daniel Types really struggled to guard Bam out of bio during that crucial stretch in the fourth quarter and then Gordon Hayward I thought he came off a significant injury. He left the bubble for the birth of his child on scale. He looked a little sub part of me. He wasn't quite as energetic locked himself on Sunday night and I think the Celtics needed him to be that in order to have a chance to beat this Miami.

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