Uprooted, a Book by Page Dickey


It begins with an Anton chekhov quote. it says I am in the condition of transplanted tree, which is hesitating whether to take root or begin to wither, and it looks like you took root page. So tell us a little bit sort of set the scene about this transition for us. Well. I. Think in the beginning and and certainly when when I didn't know whether I might with her it was it was very hard to leave. my old garden I'd been there for thirty four years. my husband join me for the last fourteen of and and it was. A place. Created over the years with just tremendous amount of love and passion and and to just walk away from that was was difficult But. After much searching and and lots of. Panic when we really couldn't find anything right away we decided to move to North Western Connecticut and we found a plot of land that took my breath away and. Because, it was full of fields and woods and wildland and a view. Of the Berkshire Hills and It started me on a new adventure and I think that's when. I realized I wasn't gonNA weather. We didn't have to irrigate. Don't worry. She's GonNa. Be. Okay. Oh how how did so so you had been at Duck Hill. For those thirty four years and so you came to start again in said, this piece of property was breathtaking. It took your breath away and. But How do you know where to begin because? Both of us, we were much younger gardeners much less experience crash when. When we began our where I still live around same time as when you went to kill and where in your your work at Duck Hill. So we were experimenting with different things We're at a different stage in our as I said in our experience. You know. Like what lessons? Where did you begin? How did you know what to do I when you got to this new place? Do you know what I mean like what what did you say? I've got to DOT DOT DOT? Yeah. Well, first of all, they were remnants. Of, a garden. As sort of cottage garden in the front of the House and and. And although it, it crossed my mind just wipe it all out I didn't and it was mostly just peonies and. So. I knew that I wanted to play with that and that would be my. Perennial Garden you might say or place perennials. and. Bulbs and a place we walk through every. Time. We go inside and out. So So it would. It would be a fun place to have that sort of a garden. But I realized. Almost. Immediately I didn't want a garden like I had Kale Duck Hill was Full of hedges and. And Boxwood topiary and. It was a series of rooms and it was very enclosed. And this new place where we lived was open to the sky and open to the fields and open to the view and I realized I didn't want. hedged. Garden anymore I wanted something that related to that wildness. So I I think I knew pretty much right away that I wanted a lot of natives in the in the in this. Little. Garden things like M. Sonia and Baptista and astor's and so on. And But then at the same time, I was thinking about what to do about this little garden. I was starting to explore. In the woods we I think we have about eleven acres of woods. And I got so excited about the woods, we have high rocky limestone dramatic woods on one side and low rich. Damp. Woods on the other side and I got so excited about. This wildland that all of a sudden. We were the stewarts of. that. I was almost torn. Half interested in creating a new garden. Half of me just wanting to start walks start pass in the woods and start cutting down the invasive. and. So that was a whole new world that excited me right from the beginning

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