Nail Salons, Indoor Malls To Reopen In Los Angeles County At Limited Occupancy


Nail salons in L. A county can now welcome custom. Furs back inside that limited capacity. That is the same goes for indoor malls, which get to reopen on Wednesday card rooms. Khun Start outdoor operations on Monday, well covered 19 related hospitalizations and the transmission rate are currently expected to go up. County officials insist restrictions can be safely lifted if people comply with measures to prevent the spread. Public health director Barbara Ferrer says they're trying to thread the needle we did really set for ourselves the goal of trying to avoid having any surges associated with Labor Day activities. On DH. If we were able to accomplish that we would revisit some of the re openings that are in fact allowed for all counties and tear one as many people have noted In their comments, public comments to US and They're letters. There is a desire on the part of those sectors that the state has allowed to re open for us is a county Teo again work with those sectors and figure out When would there be good timing that would allow us to do some gradual reopening, Ferrer says. They're staggering them to give businesses time to prepare. Clyde, get pissed, You Takeo Next 10 70 news

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