Dr. Timothy Johnston On Taking Your Customer Service To The Next Level


A Nice Guy Community welcome back. Welcome back. It is strict on today and you are in for a treat today not just because I'm sitting in for Doug, it's also because I get to talk to Dr Timothy Johnston and award award-winning businessman lecturer published author in dental trade journals his business or dental center is the recipient of several prestigious awards is known for its excellent customer service Yod local community. He is a professional member of numerous Dental Association's personally received the Healthcare Heroes Award, and before you go running the other way because you know you hear dentist let me tell you. We're not talking just about Dennis today. Dr Johnson is also an international bestselling author of Ring Bell for service. He has some brilliant insights into succeeding in any business that depends on customer service. How are you doing today Dr Johnston I'm just fine. Thanks. Thanks for having me in absolutely absolutely, and you know we talk a lot about customer service on the Nice guys on business obviously as a dentist, it's Kinda critical isn't it? It really is and this is interview is not meant to really pertain so much the dental office because I've been doing that for years but one else I've learned from being. In terms of in terms of everything, but really what it means to be a dentist and take that experience. So to speak. I love that and again, your book. Ring Bell for service. It has some really really great insights and I'm sure lots of great ideas that you have realized over thirty years in business So the first one I wanted to touch on that you bring up in the book is, why is the customer not always right? It goes without saying that the customer is not always right. The thing that makes it stand out so much to me is when a customer client customer or anybody comes in and thinks he knows you, he thinks that his his take on the world is what's driving the whole thing. For example guy comes into my office. This is in a chapter in my book and before I can even. Kevin brought to the back. He stands up and he says I need to talk to the doctor right away. And I'm walking Brown and I hear this I step out and I'd say who I am Dr Johnston and I'll be seeing you come back this way we talk about if you like he has no, I need you to come out here. So I, walk out in the waiting room on it I stand there he goes I need to talk to you for minute about this TV. So I look in on TV is just a commercial again you the. Commercial. I don't understand it's commercial for something, and if you WANNA, come back, we could talk about not discuss it in front of these other patients here. He has not before this commercial. This was tuned to Fox News and I cannot believe you're playing Fox News. I said Ob size it today it's Fox. News. Tomorrow could be discovery channel the next day and might be you know who knows what? It's something different every day my receptionist controls it's not me. It's just whatever it is. I. Said if backup Santa Surprise that it's not the discovery channel because we we subscribe to that too and four days out of five of seems to be tuned into something dental. So but either as May. Come back. We'll talk about your needs and everything is going to go on and he says, no, you don't understand I could not possibly be a part of this in a dental office from someone who is preaching as politics out to everybody else. At this point I had to make a decision was this going to be a lifetime relationship with this guy or was it gonna be hi and bye because if I decided to keep them on to story for live longer and I was going to bend my ways to make him you know, yes, I could change the channel but if I was gonna bend over backwards to make this one person. Happy. was that going to be what my my position was going to be for the day? And you know flash of lightning ever only happens about once every five years I said well, you know what? If that's your position you can see the door right there. And he looked at me and he looked over behind him with the door said, wait a minute and might be the straight. You gotta let a perfectly good patient go because you won't change the TV station has no no, I'll just let you go but I won't let these perfectly good patients go. Ooh, good answer. I thought it was just a flash of lay. It just came to me and he turn on his heels and he huffed and puffed and slam the doors and Audi went, and there was two people sitting there in the waiting room. They were both patients of mine for years and they both looked at me at applauded me lately it likes to say good job Tim good job. So my point is you can't be everything to everybody the customer is not always right. We hear that time and time again, the customer's always right the customer's always right. But in reality I have to make my plans for ninety nine percent of the audience in for the one percent I've gotta them go and it was some of the best decisions I've ever made I've done it maybe five times in my life. I've been in practice for thirty thirty one years. It's a rare thing but we don't click with somebody really don't click and that's the times when I have to say you know what you're out of here and this is one of those times.

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