Michigan Lawmakers Tell Trump They See No Reason State’s Election Results Would Change


Trump invited two of Michigan's top Republican lawmakers to the White House on Friday, hoping to convince them to overturn their state's election results. When the meeting ended, both men said there was nothing presented by the president. That would change the result that President elect Joe Biden won. Michigan Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says that's how she thought it would turn out. They I know both these gentlemen as well as many of the other lawmakers who were there today and They believe in the rule of law on and they I assume have said publicly throughout this process. They will follow it and respect the will of voters will of the voters. We've seen nothing That should cause us to doubt that now The president wants to summon top GOP lawmakers from Pennsylvania to the White House and hopes they'll overturn the election results. Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, John Fetterman says that's not gonna happen unless there's some enchanted little village. Of 90,000 Trump voters that we may have missed over the last two weeks since the election. You know, this is ballgame in Pennsylvania and again, it's ball game and we have a president elected Joe Biden.

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