Rafa remains, bubble struggle and whats that hair?


Thank you so much for those lovely words. How about this every time we told with. Somebody's favorite tennis. Podcast catherine who to thaw is almost as if we've just encouraged this and frankly that's exactly someone from newfoundland n-i-l-l-a-s only finland is i'm going to try and retrain myself to announce it that's where the good dogs come from. Is it for what good about them. They are big and cuddly and fluffy and Do you remember caesar. May he rest in. Peace martino trace lovely doke He was found. Oh well yes. Now that was a splendid dog portray if the dog world say nancy. Congratulations for being from there. yes so nancy back kicked out of thank you so much into all the others that have introduced show this week. We really appreciate it and yeah. That's why we able to do this every single day of the finals. And we've got a few more to go. Today was a funny all day. We kind of previewed. It didn't we last night as much as the afternoon. Look like a much meaning to it. There was just not meaning. Those they were dead rubbers after all posted doubles and the singles and then the evening section. We always knew is going to be a knife edge type scenario you win. You guys drew you lose. You got home like a normal tournament. Let's start there showy because rough on the dow has beaten stefan pass in three sets. It wasn't like last year's when i didn't feel i thought it was. I mean i thought the dow played really. Well i've role. But i mean obviously there's no crime but last year they played a three center in and it was just epic. Wasn't it every every point felt like a a saga this. This didn't feel that that to me what to you. Know i felt like steph sits pass could have been prepared to die out there tonight and it still wouldn't have been enough He he cannot get close to the dull serve. I know there's the anomaly of the fact that he is beaten in one song clay Madrid in one thousand nine hundred. But let's just take that out of the equation and it's possible it's possible that sits has a bit of an adult problem And one that he's not getting any closer to solving think it's more than possible. I think he has a nidal problem. And i think he's a pretty big one. It's okay to have nato problem. Nidal is really really good. You know most of the world has had an adult problem for fifteen years. But he's not getting closer. It would sing and sits up past. Thinks he's got into dow problem doesn't am and he he's i it is he having seen his press conference. We'll talk about that in a minute. I think he will be going an obsessing for the next six weeks. Ah bat how to solve his dow problem matt's you you watched it what what jumped out at you from their match or yeah if i if you've got an adult problem. You've got a bit of a men's tennis problem haven't really because nadal is always going to be. There is a constant if you can't overcome the dull you're going to struggle to win the biggest tournaments i would. I would suggest certainly at the moment for the next year or two wall dolls exactly around anyway So yes short turn. That is going to be interesting to see whether sit to pass can overcome it. I think actually on one of those ones on clay. I think he's got so much more time to return the serve and he can step back and take some swings. Maybe that actually does help him against the door. But i completely agree with what you said. Catherine he just didn't didn't get near serve really for the whole match other than a fifteen minute spell which was weird and bizarre and suddenly he broke nidal twice twice in a row three times in a row. Maybe it was a very strange portion of the match. But i guess my main takeaway was kind of comparing to team the dull because that was the match we saw most recently and it felt like team has sustained threat against nadal whereas sits pass to me felt like he was relying on little moments and flashes of when his game was on and hoping that that would be enough to get him through. I didn't i didn't see a complete game plan really from him. And i think feeds into this wider thing of him being a bit confused about how to play a dollar and therefore it just always felt to me like the dole would win that match and in the end he won that third-set pretty pretty comfortably after after a shaky start

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