Full Auto Friday - Round 28

Cleared Hot


But i have to inject some sanity into the conversation and controversy over cova. Please just use my first name. If used on air online. I am thirteen year. Navy vet started an aviation. They went to medical school in finished as an navy flight surgeon. That's awesome sounds like an amazing career went on to become a radiologist and a half to tell you that on this day eleven. Sixteen twenty twenty. I just finished the biggest shit show out. Session of the previous night's studies i live in the midwest and cove is rampant all capital letters in the state but we read studies statewide. I get the whole free to be me and do what. I want argument after listening to greg anderson yesterday it got me thinking. Police fire first responders. Doctors nurses. We will all do what we're trained to do. Because it's what we do. However much like greg dealing with junkies in seattle where you doing hostage rescue for an american. His traveling in a high risk environment. When do we get to the point where we just say you're on your own. You didn't believe the science and health professionals who told you to protect yourself and others around you and now you're coming to my hospital gasping to breathe and now all of the sudden you want the medical science to bill you out after you've been stupid maybe just curl up on the couch and get right with jesus instead of taking another bed. In the icu. And don't give me the it'll never happen to me bullshit at baird. Lots of people who always knew all the answers. And i'm sure you. Greg have as well on my last nerve john in the midwest. Postal script don't ever mention big mountain on the arrogant. Unless you talk about how shitty it is. I love that place and don't want it to get fucked up by idiots. John thank you for the question. I appreciate you taking the time reaching out and it sounds to me like you might be a touch frustrated. The first thing that i'm going to say to you is. It might be time for you to take a knee and take a break and take a different. Look at what it is you wrote to me about. I think you might be a little bit burned out. No doubt that right now. The medical community is feeling a burden that they maybe have never felt in your time in medical practice. But this is also the time where the american people need you the most. And if you don't feel like you can do your job anymore. You need to take some time off and you can come back and reevaluate with a critical eye and mind. What's going on in the united states of america. And actually i guess it would say in this case worldwide. Let's dig into your here a little bit and let's talk a little bit about the job of police fire first responders doctors and nurses and even more than that specifically hostage rescue for an american. Who's traveling in a high risk environment. I would like for you and anybody listening to take a guess at the number of times when a hostage rescue mission is presented to whatever military unit is tasked with conducting that hostage rescue. Take a guess as to how many times we talked about the motivations behind that person being in the area and how that played into our mission planning. Do you think it mattered. If the individual was on a vacation or they were there for the red cross or fill in the blank with perhaps whatever the most ridiculous circumstance may be. How much of that do you think. Played into our decision as to whether or not we executed that mission.

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