2 New York police officers shot during domestic violence call, suspected shooter dead


Officers were shot and wounded while responding to a domestic violence call. They returned fire and killed the suspect. This was in Queens, not far from JFK Airport. Domestic violence Officers hospitalized with gunshot wounds are credited by Mayor de Blasio for saving a woman's life. They protect survivors of domestic violence. They go into some of the most volatile, difficult situations that you could possibly imagine some of the most difficult work that any police officers do. Cops say the officers just finished escorting a woman home. Here are one 79th street when a man ambush them at around 12 45 Police Commission, Dermot Shea identified him as 41 year old Rondo copy walks in the door. The residents Begin shooting at the two officers. Please say that 41 year old woman found a report at a nearby precinct of a domestic violence incident the night before. Another woman who claims to be copies friend came here stunned after hearing about the shooting. This is a personal tries to make everyone happy. He tries. He didn't deserve to die like this. Police say they've received a message calls here before she says Copy was a security guard for CUNY and was a licensed gun carrier. Darius Ramsey has 10 10 wins the Springfield Gardens, Queens. It's news time

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