Key trends driving innovation in the restaurant industry. TSHS 0028


Technology to provide sam of better personalized service. Oh so tech. Is the enabler for us to be able to do better at collecting data because we've had access to data for the longest time you go to a restaurant and you ask them what they know about their customers and they know have only their phone number and email address ended. Shoot you two am because we we we we as an industry. We've not had the we. We've not been provided the tools from the tech industry and neither have we been able to go out there and create the tools because we lack the knowledge in the know. How but the but going forward. I believe the restaurant business will become a tech enabled business. I'm seeing a significant amount of innovation. Come into the industry and and so. There's there's a lot of that that's happening today. I'm seeing tools where You know you can also take a customer so we have a tool that we use where we can take customer feedback forms that they fill it our restaurant. We can set preset. Kpi's that we thresholds that we expect from those reviews and if they give any reviews anywhere below those thresholds we get alert. So i'll get an alert if it's really bad. I want to see those alerts as well. My managers will get an alert. And the coo's get alert and that we can implement service recovery right away as opposed to waiting because when somebody has a bad delivery. He's already upset in what happens. Is he's unable to get hold of you. Know the the restaurants right away to make that complete because the third party delivery guys wants you to make the complaint directly to them and their teller charles terrible at customer service so we found ways in which we can become quicker in terms of meeting the needs of our customers so that we can handle complaints orders through the telephone and things like that and and these are things that we're going to need to become better at because there's so many ways in which they're reaching a sticking reach us through facebook messenger. They can we just do instagram. They can reach us through what's sat they can reach us through you know other other platforms and we have to be ready to end in the service level expectations of when we need to answer them has become less. And less. yes so the fulfillment becomes a huge issue. In our industry because fulfillment doesn't just mean putting food on a plate fulfilment means waiting for the food to arrive at the customer's home making sure they've received it properly making sure of if there was a problem with the order where able to address it Elected find out for these ideas of how to find new customer with tech and the digital space. Because you're also doing the marketing agency side. So if you could address list about the that faulk which i think it is a lot of Value we can provide for restaurants who may not understand the opportunity to have to reach out to new customers for the future. So so there's there's there's there's two elements there In terms of in terms of reaching reaching out to new customers in one is is looking at consumer behavior. And how that if it behavior has evolved and that's very very significant So you know back in over the last ten years. We've we've realized that we needed experience in in in everything that we did and we started with hospitality. We said we needed hotels. Needed to become experiential and then we said restaurants needs to become more experiential than said resit wide. What about you know condominiums residences. They need to become more experienced than we started. Having branded residences. Now malls are experiential. You go to a salon to get a get a haircut or do your nails. And that's become experiential soul.

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