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Assisting instructors caitlyn taylor joins the show. Let's dive in caitlyn. Would you please introduce yourself. Sure yes My name's caitlin tas. And i am one of the medical assistant instructors here at the main campus. I absolutely love my job very much and am very proud to be part of this organization. This is my sixth year teaching very meaningful to me. It's what meet you wanna be a teacher. Well worked at a urology office. Became back office supervisor. At lii loved training new employees. I love training the students that come in. But i thought i could make more of an impact if i could be a classroom teaching multiple medical assistance love that. Let's turn the conversation to the classroom. I'd love to learn about the certifications. And what you teach students. There's a medical assistant certification that they all sit in four but there's other certifications we have a flat bottom me which is for blood draws and an ekg certification that can take as well he performed skills. It really liked some something inside of a student. What do you mean by that. Every year i see these students that become more disciplined focus a little bit more heart of the class wanting to be part of the procedures the skills and let's build off of that. What kind of skills are you talking about. So some of the skills medical assistants perform in a doctor's office with the injections blood draws throat cultures respiration i era gatien irrigation so their actual skills that the students practice on each other in the classroom. That's pretty hinge on a lot of responsibility and it's a lotta fun with all them. Hey we're going to learn all these skills that you will actually be performing out at a doctor's office was real patients come march. They get excited so when they're having to put themselves in. That physician patient is going through. It creates this is human dialog this dialogue of what it is for us to be vulnerable to be sick and encourages them to be a little more focused and covered good sense of empathy and that translates to their schoolwork. I can see that. Are there any stories about students. Success that you'd like to share. I've had were students were homeless all throughout my class. They were so excited about the medical field so excited about z's and the science behind it and did everything they could to eat it all up and learn about it a couple years later. The student was homeless. Came and visited me and i said hey. Tell me how everything's going and he looked at me like well now homeless anymore Resident that asu college door full ride scholarship. And i'm like there you go. Yeah so their stories like that. Why do you think your students are so successful. I think some of it is skills and the information and the classroom management. I've learned from other veteran teachers. But another part of it is. I've always told my sense. How much respect them. I've always told them how much i believe in them. And i think it's because there is love in the classroom. I love working with awesome. Is there anyone that you'd like to give a shoutout to yes to all the new instructors you know. It was hard my first year. Being that i came from industry but new teachers for this year has so much harder and i am blown away by how amazing they're doing. They're learning how to help students that cannot in the classroom due to covid how to be a teacher and i just wanted to do a chateau all the new teachers this year. They're doing amazing. And i just wanted to tell you guys. You're amazing and with that we've reached the end of this episode. If you or someone you know would be a good fit for the medical

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