Episode 27 B Penny Appleton Writing during tough times - burst 1


I'm a bit tired, but I thought during this time I should be getting on with the next books. I've got three good ideas. And one of the people on Joe's website, Jane Dixon Smith, she's our cover designer and she's designed me three covers for the next three books. So I find it easier to work when I visually have got the idea. So the three covers do that, anyway , I'm a bit blocked. So this is from Joe's book The Successful Author Mindset. She said if you're blocked after finishing a book when you think you should immediately start another one, here's an excerpt from my journal a week after finishing Gates of Hell her 5th full-length novel. My mind is completely empty. I will never have another idea. What if this book is the last one, or what if I never have any more ideas? My whole life is now bound up in writing books and being an author . If I can't write another one, I'm finished. I'm broken. And then she says underneath I've written a number of other novels since then so clearly that feeling is temporary, and I now understand that the emptiness it's just another part of the creative process. So don't worry, fill the creative well, and then trust emergence. Do some research, read other things, think of your mind as a pipe way to put things in the top for the ideas to come out in the bottom take a break.

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