Seattle Seahawks prepare to face Philadelphia Eagles in Monday night game


Miles Sanders very versatile explosive. He's got a lot of long place. She's he had a 70 yarder and 60 yarder. They have broken a lot of big plays. And that's why they're averaging over five yards of care, you know, is a team that Z amazing Seattle 5.5 Point favorites and that Monday night matchup we check sports attendant 40 past each hour. Traffic and weather of coming come on, whose time 9 11 11 Despite Despite Despite officials officials officials officials urging urging urging urging Americans Americans Americans Americans to to to to stay stay stay stay home. home. home. home. This This This This Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving today today today today could could could could be be be be one one one one of of of of the the the the busiest busiest busiest busiest travel travel travel travel

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