Christian Eckelman - Shopvesting with Upstreet


With by those investments directly to talk to me about this and about some general views on investing. I'd like to welcome christian echelman from upstate. Alive christian is the co founder of upstate. An app that allows you to earn shares as you shop which is what shipped shoplisting shoplifting. We'll get onto upstate. But tell us about your career before becoming a fintech entrepreneur so basically i worked nine years for folks audi in germany. An engineer and also did mostly translation between business and the it to bring together and Translated and bring it into production and worked in a management role and production marketing sales. Some service so so. I'd hold a production of car servicing and the assets. So is it. Is it true what they say about german cars. What do they say god. I think i think it's jake is the best car would be engineered by the germans designed by the italians and built by the japanese. Yeah kind of become a consultant as well. Yes so did a bit of an unusual move after a couple of years. Where was bit boyd. My role and wanted to do something else. I got into consulting by chance and got to know mckinsey over like a recruitment event over six months and set. It's actually quite good. There are very large. Consult top management consulting worldwide almost in every city or every country office and. I got to know them. I actually didn't like consultants before. Merola always a bit. Not my favorite kind of species. But i got to know them and got an offer and idea. Let's let's do it. let's give it a chance. I joined suit said. Let's do the for year and it was a bit of these canidu- it kind of mentality. That's over drives me can actually build it. Can i do it. Am i good enough. And one year became eventually seven two years in germany. Where athletic in the second year was doing again motive and wanted to do something completely. Different and mackenzie has a global staffing. So i applied for a random mining. Study and w and two weeks later i was standing in a gold mine and i was thinking what did i do to myself. It's off engineering in gold. Mine out so you were going into consult to goldman as as a german software engineer out of motive software automated to tell them gold mine. Had to be managed. Yes they know how do gold mining. But i think it's more coming in with some pairs. Fresh pales is and saying okay. What what should you do defintely. And what. I really found for me very meaningful in automotive industry. It's like premium cars. It's very hard to improve something. You have to look really really really sorrow and then you improve it by half a percent have have a little bit here a little bit here but in in mining you can really make a big difference with this more changes and that is very meaningful for me and and also ahead of time and got to know. These people better are stay there for seven. Months is not just a little bit. I was there for for this long time. So we we started something completely threw until we saw the benefit for the mind side and then also for the people having a chop longer. When i started more like we closed down the place going forward. Now it's still operational seven eight years later where. I think that that gave me a lot of meaning. It's way better than what other what he did in the past in other in other circumstances. So what did you learn about mining in australia from that experience. So gold mine basically third mining. You have one gram of gold in a ton of material and astonishingly. I never so-called in seven months. But i got to know as i got to know. Pilbara and like dingoes and wounding dingo is nice. Seventeen goes are our pack and it's very dangerous chased me once so kind of an interesting story and brown snakes and all this kind of i love that seven months in the desert and Yeah and met my wife.

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