Dolphins bench Tua Tagovailoa during second half of loss to Broncos but not due to injury concerns

The GM Shuffle


Begin with all the to hype. That's right take for us to be the motto a year ago. Now it's all about win for to a win with two. How about this to a tunnel. Viola gets benched. That's how bad it was against. The denver broncos and fitz magic has to come in the game except the magic had evaporated. It's gone it'd mid extinguished like david copperfield. Illusion justin simmons intercepts fitzpatrick's passed in the end zone. Sixty three seconds left. The broncos beat the dolphins twenty to thirteen tunnel of iowa gets prevented for the second rookie in the past forty years to win. His first four starts he gets sacked. A half dozen times gets knocked out of the game in the fourth quarter as drew. Lock in the broncos. Come

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