Mountain View, San Lorenzo And Bay Bridge discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


Taking a look at King's support. Traffic is we get you updated on that SIG alert in Mountain View, North found one on one before San Antonio Road. It's that crash, blocking the three right lanes backing you up. The two left lanes are open. You can get by there, but it's still backed up to Shoreline Boulevard. In San Lorenzo North found a baby after a street and accident moved over to the center divide and the right shoulder Still stop and go from Whipple Road Heavy in San Francisco, North bound 11 from Caesar, Travis to the 81 1 split, then heading towards the lower deck of the Bay Bridge on the Skyway. It's stop and go from one on one to the lower deck. What's bound? Maybe out in Berkeley, you'll find it slow between Gilman and the mace. Up in Petaluma North Bound one on one. It's a parking lot between Kristina Road, an old redwood highway. Take a look at the Los Altos Hills South bound to wait before Magdalena. A two car crash moved over to the right shoulder and in Fremont North bound 6 80 before Mission Boulevard South, We have a stalled minivan with the tow truck on the way. With KSFO traffic arm Roy Leonard go to brands or go twos for a reason, because you know it works best for you and for your customers lows just added another pro Great brand. Eaton's Arrow heart products available exclusively in our isles and online, making us the first retailer to carry the safety and reliability of arrow heart. Electrical

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