Catherine Coley on Starting Project Binance US

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So in around june twenty. Nineteen i began working on the project. Ryan it's us. Party of wine worked out in my living room. Not much as changed still in my living room but we knew started as ceo via so we. We kicked it off. We figured out what type of platform you wanted to be building for the us. We figured out what where we wanted to Where we could be operating one of the things that you realize when you're operating a marketplace in the united states is that there's a huge amount of regulation oft and it's actually done state level as well so you have to get licenses per state in order to operate in so right. Now we're operating in about seventy four percent of america working every day with regulators to operate in more of those states. A lot of them are on the east coast. And it's an exciting process to be able to build a business that you can justify and get regulated and began anti business in all of these states is something that's one process to do. I equated kind of to applying to colleges have a bunch of college. Students can understand how difficult that was. You have to have good grades. You had to take the sat's you maybe twice a year. Get referral letters you to write essays. Each school has a different essay format. There is the common application. But there's a ton of personal essays that you've gotta right so it's really the application process for us to operate in these individual states wise as well that that kind of each each state has their own requirements and we had to qualify in order to be able to operate so that was really the laying down the foundation of it as well as being able to be par to where the other us marketplace's were When we first launched. We didn't have an app. We were web based only which in two thousand and nineteen. What who doesn't have an app so you've got to recognize the whole world is so in two thousand twenty. We launched our mobile application on android and making it more friendly through users. Because if crypto can be mad you need to be a nomad So you need to it on your phone wherever you go. And we've seen huge growth since since then and especially since the lockdown with pretty exciting.

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