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Promises from the president. I'm Pam Puso Fox News. With Election Day fast approaching, President Trump is helping to shore up support in the Sunbelt. Yesterday he was in Florida and Georgia, too, must win states. We will hire more police increased penalties for assaults on law enforcement, and we will ban deadly sanctuary Cities Thie president also pledging to protect religious liberties and the right to bear arms. This Weekend he'll rally in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada. Joe Biden takes a break from the campaign trail today. After stopping in Michigan yesterday, where he blasted the president's response to the Corona virus pandemic. This president cares more about his Park Avenue perspective on the world in the stock market than he does about you. Because we refused to follow the science. Despite leading in national polls, Biden is playing defense when it comes to his family. When asked about a male's involving his son, Hunter, biding, called the story a smear campaign. The unverifiable emails purport to show how 100 used his father's influence for financial gain. The leaders of Big Tak will face questions from Congress over efforts to block the Hunter Biden email story supposed to be a free platform for the exchange of three ideas under the First Amendment, and they're clearly violating that they are clearly suppressing conservative speech. They obviously are suppressing articles that are hurting the biting campaign. House Republican Greg Steuby on Fox and Friends. The CEO of Twitter has since said the platform was wrong to block Web links to that story. Ah, positive covert 19 case at the Vatican, a man living in the same residents as Pope Francis has been isolated, according to Reuters. The pope is tested regularly for the virus. America's listening to Fox News. From the Fox News Podcasts Network campaign with prepare anchor off the Daily briefing, co host of the five Dana Perino, Remember, you heard narratives all along that President Trump didn't really want to win, Or maybe he was gonna drop out. I never believed like he absolutely wants to win. He wants to win reelection so much that he announced his reelection effort on his first inauguration day. I think Joe Biden wants to win ish just won like is the fire in the belly. Is the hunger really? They're subscribing. Listen now, like goingto fox news podcasts dot com. You're a nation founded on principles on freedom with leaders have changed the course of human civilization. When we

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