National security adviser O'Brien promises peaceful transition


And the transition. Now it's been more than a week since President elect Biden was declared the winner of the election. But President Trump continues to claim that he won the election and has not conceded the normal transition from the outgoing and into the incoming administration. Still not scheduled today, National Security adviser Robert O'Brien promised a smooth transition setting at least one instance where things got off to a late start. Everything is just the United States of America. We've we've passed the time. On had peaceful, successful transitions. Even in the most contentious periods evening. I am old enough to remember Brooke, push me go on the transition there didn't start until mid December, Attorneys for the president have filed a number of suits around the country but so far have not been successful in challenging the results in number of states is also word tonight that more of those suits are being dropped. CNN reporting lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin have all been withdrawn, and the president elect is mapping out his plans for rebuilding the economy as the nation grapples with coded 19. CBS is Michael George says Baden is moving forward as Republicans are pushing the president to green light transition plans and accept the results calls from Republicans for the president to accept the election outcome. Continue to grow louder. This cove in 19 is spreading all across the country. Hospitals are overflowing. People are dying, and I reckon economy is collapsing. And president is tweeting all day and night about beating Joe Biden instead of focused on Let's have a really successful next couple of months and focusing on these problems. President elect

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